Stone Burier Series SE

Stone burier tiller series SE for tractors between 90 and 170 HP (66-125 KW)

A very heavy duty model designed for working in large acreage, especially stony soils, in order to improve their preparation. A special screening system, safely separate and places the stones picked up from the soil underneath the seed bed, fine soil remains on the top. 3 models are available in the working width 250, 280 and 300 cm. Standard equipment: 1000 rpm Gearbox, PTO drive shaft with safety clutch, 6 blades per flange (helicoidal). Cat 2° and 3° swinging connection to the tractor. Available Rollers: Cage and Packer, rollers larger than the working width of the machine.
Available on request version with welded double flange rotor

Standard Equipment

  • CE standard equipment
  • Single speed 1000 rpm gearbox
  • Slip clutch drive shaft
  • Rear input shaft 2nd and 3rd cat.
  • Rotor with 6 tines per flange (helicoidal) 
  • Available rollers: packer and cage
  • Rotor speed: 230 RPM

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  • Gear transmission in oil bath 
  • Amphibious rotor bearing seals in oil bath 
  • Rotor with six blades per flange (helical) 
  • Sorting grid
  • Double shell steel frame


From 90 to 170 HP.

From 66 to 125 KW.



From 1360 kg to 1790 kg.


From 249 cm to 301 cm working width.

From 271 cm to 323 cm transport width. 


Working depth in soil tillage: 23 cm.

0 +
0 k



Working Width

Transport Width

SE 250

100 - 170 HP

249 cm Work

271 cm Transport

SE 280

110 - 170 HP

275 cm Work

297 cm Transport

SE 300

130 - 170 HP

301 cm Work

323 cm Transport

Version with cage roller

The stone burier Series SE milling machine is supplied in the version with cage roller. The weights of the models are shown below:

  • SE 250 G: 1360 kg
  • SE 280 G: 1485 kg
  • SE 300 G: 1615 kg

Version with Packer roller

The SE Series stone burier milling machine is supplied in the version with packer roller. The weights of the models are shown below:

  • SE 250 PK: 1505 kg
  • SE 280 PK: 1645 kg
  • SE 300 PK: 1790 kg

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