Ortolan srl

About Us

Our History

The ORTOLAN company was born as a partnership in Montebello Vicentino (VI) and began building agricultural machinery in 1972. The son of farmers in the province of Vicenza, Giuseppe Ortolan founded the company in 1972, assisted by relatives. In 2008 Giuseppe ORTOLAN took over the entire company, maintaining the robustness and reliability of the products, but developing and renewing it, making it a smarter and more structured company to better meet the demands of the sector. In 2019, to manage together with his son Stefano, now Sole Director, and a financial partner, the innovation, evolution and growth in terms of products and turnover, the company he founded created Ortolan srl which is consolidating the knowledge of the ORTOLAN brand on the market and developing the company in terms of turnover and product proposals for agriculture. The company specializes in the construction of soil-working machines and is able to offer a range of 50 models for different types of cultivation and soil: rotary tillers, rotary harrows, stone buriers and flail mowers. The machines are designed for easy use and all the power of the tractor is used to work the soil and not to tow the machine.

Headquarters of Ortolan Srl​

Our renovated head office in Via Baden Powell, 39 in Lonigo (VI)

Our Job

A constant attention to the quality and innovation of its products and a continuous analysis of the needs and requests of farmers, contribute to the success of these machines, to be able to guarantee the best performance and a good price-quality ratio.

The company is located in the north east of Italy, employs 18 employees and since 2020 has been moved to Lonigo (VI) in a new and larger factory, in order to allow for the improvement and expansion of production.

The production strategies consist of producing according to market demand, trying to give the best service to the customer, with a shipment generally carried out within 4 weeks after the order date. Following the move to the new site, it was possible to increase the warehouse stocks to guarantee customers a better service in deliveries and a more dynamic and diligent supply of spare parts. The development of the technical area allows us to always provide customers with new machines, created by the many years of experience of the founder and his son, and at the same time provide customers with the necessary information to optimize the use of our products. All Ortolan products are designed internally with the CAD drawing program (Autodesk) which allows you to have the drawings in three dimensions and to code the pieces.

The development of the commercial area is giving significant impetus to the knowledge of the ORTOLAN brand which, although already known in Europe, is spreading both in the East and in America. In fact, currently exports represent more than 80% of our business volume and among the nations where we are most present with our products we include France, Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland as well as the United States, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. We are implementing efforts to meet the demand from Eastern European countries, countries that are beginning to give satisfaction by gradually increasing orders according to the development of internal agricultural mechanization.

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